Stag Gin Perfect Serve

During our journey as Sip ‘n’ Swig, we came across Bermondsey Tonic Water and was instantly taken by the way it enhances and showcases every gin in it’s true form. Bermondsey Tonic uses Raw Quinine rather than a Solvent Quinine Extract, with its overpowering taste. Bermondsey Tonic contains Peruvian Cinchona Bark in an unprocessed form so the tonic retains it’s natural amber hue and has a natural, fresh finish.

For us, there was no other option than Bermondsey Tonic Water for our recommended perfect serve for Stag Gin. Chill your tonic first, pour 40ml of your Stag Gin over a large Ice Cube, add a slice of pink grapefruit (and a sprig of Rosemary if you wish) and top with tonic to enjoy at its optimum.